San Diego Electrician: Powering Your Life

There is no doubt that you've experienced a power outage, blackout, or brownout sometime in your lifetime. For a member of today's modern society, someone who takes electricity for granted, these can be shocking and even traumatic experiences. We're quick to forget how reliant we are on the electricity that runs our daily lives, it brings us everything from television, to heated water, to unspoiled food and drink. Fortunately, your San Diego Electrician is just a phone call away, and can help you with everything from installing new electrical appliances to rewiring your entire house.

Your San Diego Electrician specializes in the installation, upgrade, and repair of wiring in homes and businesses. He can install wiring specifically for major appliances, such as new refrigerators, chest freezers, stoves, and lighting fixtures, and do maintenance or upgrades on a building's outlets and circuit breakers. In addition to homes and businesses, the San Diego Electrician maintains the electrical wiring on stationary machines, such as those used in manufacturing or other factory-based industries. He may also work on mobile platforms such as ships, airplanes, subways, and trolley cars. Anywhere in your city where there is electricity, there is also a San Diego Electrician making sure the power's working correctly.

One Power, Many Differences: San Diego Electrician Specialties

There are many different categories under which your San Diego Electrician might work. These categories primarily refer to the different complexities and locations of the wiring work he does. Your San Diego Electrician has a broad and deep understanding of the way electricity works, but they may be specialized in one or more fields.

The main areas of electrical wiring handled by your San Diego Electrician are industrial, light industrial, commercial, and residential. Service electricians specialize in troubleshooting and repairing old or outdated wiring. On the other hand, your San Diego Electrician in the construction field might know more about installing the wiring than he or she does about troubleshooting it. Your San Diego Electrician is probably aware of other electricians in the area specializing in research, marine wiring, and stage lighting. Each category represents a different focus and a slightly different skill set, but you can be sure your San Diego Electrician can help you get the power you need.

San Diego Electrician: Professional, Licensed, Qualified

Your San Diego Electrician has undergone rigorous testing to get their license. All electricians must be licensed, registered, or certified due to the hazardous nature of their work. An unlicensed electrician could cause fires, explosions, or accidents that could result in injury or death - so when you need electrical work done, be sure to contact a professional San Diego Electrician rather than attempt the task

In order to become an expert (referred to in the field as a Journeyman), your San Diego Electrician has taken years of education in electrical theory and electrical building codes, and participated in a long apprenticeship program. He is knowledgeable about the many phases of installation in electrical construction, how wiring is different depending on the architectural style and age of the building, and how to maintain all electrical equipment once installation has been completed. Your San Diego Electrician is not just an expert; he is a well-rounded, thoroughly educated Journeyman, able to take on any electrical task with confidence and intelligence.

When You Will Need San Diego Electrician

The good thing about electrical problems is that they are ordinarily very noticeable. Sparking, smoking, a "funny smell", or warping of household materials around outlets and light switches are all clues that you might have a serious electrical problem. Because electrical fires can be deadly, you should call in a San Diego Electrician to examine your home if you notice any of these issues. Even if you don't, you should have your home inspected by a San Diego Electrician if you suspect there may be a problem.

Your San Diego Electrician is not to be confused with a representative from your power company, although the power company does employ electricians. Power company representatives are only assigned in cases where the problem is directly related to the power company. This includes such things as turning power on or off at the source, or re-instating power after an outage or shutoff. These people, though trained, are not ordinarily qualified to check your home's wiring for faults, correct wiring problems inside the home, or help to install major appliances. For these tasks, you should call a qualified San Diego Electrician.

San Diego Electrician: Panel Upgrades and Repairs

Americans are electrical power hungry. Today our air conditioning systems take more power than an entire home did 30 years ago. A kitchen, in a San Diego home, will usually be equipped with a number of receptacles capable of supplying more than 60 amps just to counter top appliances. Adding receptacles does not increase the available power if they are looped from other receptacles. To get more power to a location the circuit should run directly from the distribution panel.

It is an upgrade from the existing electrical panel. With all the new appliances, and technical devices we now have in our San Diego homes, we find that older homes might not have sufficient power available to handle the increased demand. Therefore, a “service change” is required. This includes not only an upgrade in your electric panel. but an upgrade in your meter socket and wire size between the meter and panel.

A panel change out is usually required to alleviate a problem with the existing panel. (1) Sometimes a breakers might overheat to the point that the buss bar in a panel gets burned. (2) The conductors between the meter and panel may become loose and burn out the main lugs, especially common when aluminum conductors were used.

Solomon Electrical Services is San Diego’s leading installer of new electrical panels in the area. The reason? Great prices, fast service, and because we do so many service panel upgrades, an intimate understanding of exactly what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

San Diego Electrician: Lighting up Your Life Every Day

Almost any home improvement or renovation project will involve electricity. If you're looking to install a new lighting fixture, for example, you will have to make sure the light switch is connected to your home's power supply. Rather than do this yourself, you should contact a San Diego Electrician to make sure your new light is correctly and safely installed. Never trust directions that insist you can do it yourself! Electrical fires can be deadly, and can be generated by the smallest mistake in wiring. If you value your home, your family, and your possessions, you'd do well to get the assistance and advice of a qualified San Diego Electrician before beginning any home improvement project involving electricity. The advice of an expert San Diego Electrician can save your life. Call them today, and make sure your home is safely and securely wired.


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"My experience was great working with Mr. Solomon and Jr. Solomon. I had my electrical panel upgraded and also electrical outlets installed for my microwave and washer and dryer. Everything works GREAT!! We are SUPER SATISFIED with our electrical in our home now. And we can't wait to have more work done by The Solomons!!!

Sylvia D. - November 5, 2017

"Good job will use again

Adele G. - October 30, 2017

"Very professional and responsive. Excellent cratmanship!

Lisa & Mark N. - October 28, 2017

"Outstanding! The customer service was great and the job was completed thoroughly!

Samuel P. - October 26, 2017

"Prompt, professional

Kathy M. - October 24, 2017

"Ever since using Solomon Electrical fifteen (15) years ago I have not used another electrical company, and no plans to change.

Rosemary & Will C. - October 24, 2017

" Very knowledgeable, friendly and straight forward. He took time to explain, in laymans terms, what he needed to do. He didn't try to "upsell" anything. I have recommended him to others and will continue to go to him for any and all electrical needs.

Amber L. - October 11, 2017

"Phillip has been doing electrical services for us for many years and we are very happy customers! Phillip's prices are fair and reasonable and he does an excellent job, no matter what it is. He has educated me about things "electrical" and, as a homeowner, I certainly appreciate expanding my knowledge base. Phillip often works with his son, and they are both responsible, reliable, trustworthy and genuinely nice guys! We highly recommend Solomon Electrical Services!!!

Susan & Jack - May 16, 2017

" I called Philip at Solomon Electrical Services with an urgent request and he was able to come out ON THE SAME DAY. He researched the problem and discovered the issue in a timely manner. He not only fixed the problem but was happy to come out a second time to make sure it was complete. I highly recommend this service for any electrical needs you may have! 5 stars!!

Anna F. - December 9, 2016

"Phillip came to my house at the appointed time and did a great repair job. He took the time to explain great ideas about maintaining reliable electrical service in my 12-year-old house. Phillip is honest, friendly, and has reasonable prices for his work. No wonder Solomon Electrical Services is on the list of top ten electricians in San Diego County. You can hire this company with confidence and no regrets!

Scott C. - October 13, 2016

"Phil is skillful in his trade and is dependable and honest. He's methodical in diagnosing the electrical problem and is patient with troubleshooting the various possible causes. He is clear in explaining the different aspects of the issue to a non-technical person and is generous in sharing his knowledge to help customers be more self sufficient in dealing with rudimentary electrical issues. Phil is an outstanding electrician and I highly recommend him.

Cecilia T. - October 13, 2016

" After looking for an electrician for weeks, I stumbled across Phillip. They were able to come out the next week to complete the work when other electricians were weeks out. They were professional and asked all the right questions to make sure the job was done in a timely manner.

Jenn F. - October 12, 2016

"Phil was a tremendous help with information about how to deal with aluminum wiring--known to cause fires--that I have in my home. I'm now well informed about the best way to deal with the situation. Phil did a huge favor by volunteering information to someone he'd just met on the phone when I called "out of the blue," knowing that I would not be able to hire him, for the simple reason that we live 500 miles away from each other. Thanks Phil.

Roy B. - September 24, 2016

"Very quick and friendly service. He helped me to call up the electric company to see why the meter had been switched off and gave me advice so that the problem could be fixed as soon as possible.

Diana S. - June 20, 2016

"Great job. Phillip was friendly and professional. He fixed the light within 15 minutes!

Whitney M. - June 17, 2016

"Having Phillip Jr. and Fernando come to my house and install new kitchen lights was the best experience i have ever had with a contractor. Their positive attitude, great work and wonderful prices made this a terrific experience. I will highly reccommend their services to any and everyone requiring electrical service. Thanks again for a superb job and phenomenal service.

Casey H. - June 5, 2016

"My experience with Solomon Electrical Services was very good. They helped respond to an electrical outage emergency extremely quick (within 10 minutes of calling). I will hire them again.

Allison V. - June 1, 2016

"First-rate work!

Dov F. - May 16, 2016

"Phillip and Phillip Jr are consummate professionals. They've seen me through three separate renovations. They've installed new panels, sub panels, innumerable circuits and various fixtures. Not only do they always get it done right the first time but they have always offered ideas to do things more efficiently that saved me time and money. They're an indispensable part of every renovation I undertake. I can't recommend them enough!

Nick G. - May 9, 2016

"So one of my circuits went out last night and we thought the worst. I called Soloman a year later and he remembered me and immediately asked me when he could come over while I was home. SAME DAY???? He trouble shot the circuit and found a burnt up outlet. SCAREY!!! He replaced it and I asked him to show me how to make sure this wouldn't happen again. He knows I'm A maintainer in Naval Aviation so he showed me 2 expensive trouble shooting tools he uses and explained them to me. Then he showed me where I needed smoke detectors and where to get them cheap but reliable. I'm so glad he came and wired my hot tub a year ago. Use this guy. He's honest and is very generous with his pricing. He will definitely be coming back to replace all my outlets!!!!!!

Sean D. - May 7, 2016

"Phillip did an excellent job with installing my ceiling fan. He also and fixed my outside lights! SUPERB job! Thanks for you help! Well done. Thanks a zillion and then some!

Brenda Q. - April 28, 2016

"Amazing spirit, amazing work, amazing kindness! A true "mentch" and pleasure to be around. Phillip and crew not only do good work they do work for good! they so generously gifted their work to our center with a smile Highly recommended to anyone looking for a real job by real men Thank you"

Baruch E - April 3, 2016

"Garage power went off. Couldn't get my car out. They came by within one hour of calling. Fixed the power and as a bonus helped me with some home filter problem that I had. Great service, courteous and on time. Highly recommended."

Mahim R - April 3, 2016

"Very knowledgeable and quick response. Phillip gets right to the job. Awesome electrician.;

Joshua T - April 2, 2016

"Professional, efficient;

Roxanne S - April 2, 2016

"Knowledgeable, nice guy. Took care of the issue in 10 minutes.;

Casey K. - April 2, 2016

"Great! I had been trying to get answers for my electric problems. I had intermittent outlets no longer provided power and lights flickering in multiple rooms. At first another electrician responded quicker. Even though I cancelled with Solomon, they sent me a text thanking me for the opportunity and letting me know i could contact them with any questions. As it turns out the first guy seemed rushed and I was left with questions. Phillip called me and probably spent 20 minutes on phone asking me questions and providing information. I decided to have his on site second opinion, he found another issue with his diagnosis procedure. As it turns out this is in sdg&e territory. Thank you Phillip for your excellent service and integrity. His rate was very reasonable.;

Andrew S. - April 2, 2016

"I attempted a home fix it project and got in way over my head. Phillip come out within 20 minutes, and fixed everything!! He was so nice, and did a great job, and best of all his prices were extremely reasonable!! I will definitely be calling him back if I ever need an electrician!!;

January Z - March 24, 2016

"Great service and experience shows ! Had two others try to find and fix my electrical problem and they missed the obvious costing me money and annoyance for my tenets. Phil Solomon came in, went right to it and fixed it in 20 mins. He fully explained what was happening and what was needed. As a landlord with other properties I will call Solomon next time and know that the job will be done right!;

Tom C - February 4, 2016

"Yelped Mr. Solomon and he came out right away and fixed the problemishes super fast. I'll recommend him anytime.;

Alexi R - January 22, 2016