We install and service Whole House Fans & Fixtures in San Diego County, in addition to servicing all counties and cities in and around San Diego.

San Diego and Southern California are ideal places to install a whole-house fan. There are houses without air conditioning, and installing air conditioning is expensive. Furthermore, the cost of running an air conditioning system in San Diego can be high. However, installing a Whole House Fan costs about 15% of the cost of installing an air conditioning system and about 10% of the cost to run. Southern California Whole House Fans provides exceptional products and service. For more information, please contact us.

San Diego has the best weather in Southern California for the way a Whole House Fan works. Because the weather helps to cool down your house in the morning and the temperature drops quickly when the sun goes down, this is an excellent time to install a Whole House Fan.

We provide installation and maintenance services throughout San Diego County and have many satisfied customers.

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