Weird smell when you plug something into an outlet? Light switches aren't working correctly? Plugs fall out of your outlets? Need grounded outlets? These are signs your outlets or switches needs to be replaced.

Outlets and switches are something we all take for granted, We don't really put much thought into them when they are working, but when they stop working it can be a real hassle. You don't have to live with that broken light switch or the loose plug that the cord falls out of. Contact the outlet and switch experts Solomon Electrical Service for all your outlet replacement and switch replacement needs.

Do you find yourself needing an extra outlet in the garage or your backyard? We are also the power outlet installation experts. Get rid of the clutter of all the extension cord and get a professionally installed outlet.

Some of the outlet & switch services we do:

  • Indoor outlet replacement
  • Outdoor outlet replacement
  • Light switch replacement
  • New outlet installation
  • New outdoor outlet installation
Need a new Switch or Outlet? Contact us to schedule an appointment!